What's on this Website?


The Trails Coalition's web site is a place to find a wide variety of information about trails.  See the list below to quickly find what you're looking for but visit often as your needs/interests may change.

The Trail Coalition Board of Directors

Home Page

The Home Page is where you find information about the impetus for forming the Trails Coalition in 2013.

Governmental Planning Documents & Local Bike Shops and Trail Organizations

This page has governmental planning documents from municipalities, St. Croix County and the state of Wisconsin.  These documents could be helpful as preparations are made to create or update planning documents in various localities - see what ideas other organizations might have that could  be useful.

Other information on this page includes links to area bicycle shops and bicycle organizations.

Trail Benefits Data

This page has information about the benefits of trails for local and regional areas.  Economic and Health benefits are both featured.  These documents might be used to find data for advocacy, outreach or grant writing.  The Headwaters Economics site, in particular, is an on line library of national/international  information about trail benefits.  Think of it as data mining!

Trail Information, Maps and Brochures

Looking for interesting trails and amenities to visit?  This page contains maps, brochures and details about St. Croix Valley regional attractions.  There's even a connection for taking a virtual bicycling/walking  historic tour of the Loop Trail on your personal device.  Choose from a wide variety of options to enjoy!

Organization Page

The Organization Page has information about the people who manage the Trails Coalition in addition to meeting details and governing documents.  Find the current published Agenda(s) and a full year of minutes here.

Contacts Page

If you've got information to share with the Trails Coalition or have a suggestion  or concern, send a message from this page and it will become part of the trails discussion that is ongoing among Trails Coalition members and its supporting community. 

Join Page

The Trails Coalition welcomes new members at any time of the year.  Use this  the page to fill in Membership Information and send it electronically.  A membership receipt will be mailed to you in a few days.  Memberships are free and valid for one year. 

Thanks so much for visiting and return soon and often.

The Trails Coalition Board of Directors